About Refining NZ

The refinery at Marsden Point is New Zealand's only oil refinery. Oil companies BP, Mobil, Caltex and Z Energy buy and transport crude oil to the refinery for processing. Refining NZ refines it into high quality transport fuel products for New Zealand.

We supply:

  • around 86% of all of the country's jet fuel
  • around 67% of all diesel
  • around 63% of all petrol
  • between 60 - 75% of all bitumen for roading
  • all fuel oil for ships
  • sulphur for farm fertiliser
  • and we even put the fizz in fizzy drinks!

We are a solid contributor to Northland's economy. We employ over 300 staff, and for every job at the refinery, we create another two in Northland and a further six across New Zealand.

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